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When you interview potential inspectors, ask one simple question. What is electricity? Answer: A form of energy that occurs naturally (lighting) or produced (generator) to produce the movement of electrons. If the inspector does not know the answer, move on to another inspector.

The electrical system in any building contains the most potential hazard to persons and property of any system, so why trust this inspection to someone who does not know the meaning of electricity. Greg Genser of Cypress Inspections is a state-licensed Master Electrician who will perform a detailed and thorough electrical inspection. No installed electrical system is 100% in compliance with the National Electric Code, nor will any city, municipal or private inspector locate all electrical defects. However, a detailed and thorough electrical inspection by a qualified professional inspector will reduce the possibility of hazards arising from the use of electricity.

An electrical system is so detailed, there are too many items to discuss, but I will mention several.

1. Bonding of metallic water, gas and fireplace chimney pipe systems and grounding of appliances and devices are an important safety requirement. Pipe bonding is made by means of bonding jumpers that should be accessible, so this can be visually inspected. Grounding of appliances and devices can be inspected by electrical test equipment. Grounding starts with the service-equipment grounding electrode, which many times are incorrectly installed.

2. Extension cords are a temporary, not a permanent wiring installation. However, many times I observe homeowners that performed their own electrical installation with the use of an extension cord, which is incorrect.

3. Another incorrect homeowner installation is installing electrical cables and conductors in an attic or garage where conductors are not installed in protective conduit and conductor splices are not installed in approved boxes with covers.

4. Homeowners are not always at fault for incorrect installations. I observe incorrect installation by licensed electricians of a sub panelboard or panelboard in a secondary building many times. Quite often the incorrect installation involves the grounding and/or grounded (neutral) system.

5. I hope most inspectors know where ground fault current interrupter (gfci) protection is required, and this is probably as detailed as many inspectors are with an electrical inspection. Simply, gfci protection is for personnel protection to de-energize a circuit within an established period of time when a current to ground exceeds the value of the device. The device will open prior to an individual being shocked, or worse, electrocuted.

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